Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chapter 164 - Back to Unemployed

Hahhaa...the title tells all. I finished my contract officially this friday. or it is? my technical boss told me my contract finish earlier than i thought, which was on the 11th Jan. heck! i dont want to look neglect by saying that i dunno when my contract gonna end, so i insist that my contract ends on 25th. Keji kan? Lantak, asal dia percaya and also my paycheck gonna be exactly as what i expected. I went back last saturday to the civilization ~ KL. Hahahaha...mengamuk orang Sabak bernam mengetahui aku kata sana xde tamadun. Kidding folks. i went back to KL for my masters classes.

Saturday is English class and also Mathematic. My English lecturer is a 52 y.o, but i thought she was early 40s until she told. Going to her class is like watching Oprah. She has this big obsession of reading, and getting goosebump herself just by telling how fun reading is. She encapsulate everything with positive things. that's why she's like Oprah. No comment on mathematic class. the lecturer was my SIG during attending my degree final year project's presentation. He's OK.

Sunday is back-to-back class. the same lecturer teaching 2 classes. His class is a cross of Al-Kulliyah, Bicara Siswa, TV Pendidikan and iklan PNB. For those yang tatau apa iklan PNB tu, cuba2 la bukak TV3, ada je tunjuk pasal sorang ustaz ni yg berbahasa baku mendidik anak2 muridnya yg juga berbahasa baku walaupun bersembang sesama sendiri tentang ilmuwan2 Islam terdahulu. Yup, at times, he will give some tazkirah agama for 4-5 minutes. pity Twinie... she's a Christian. Sunday mass pon belum tentu dia pegi, tau2 kena dengar ceramah agama di pagi Ahad. Hopefully hati dia terbuka utk memeluk Islam. marilah sama2 kita berdoa.......

So, now i'm unemployed. maybe considering to rest for a week before shooting my resume.

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