Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chapter 166 - Sick Me... Me Sick

i've been in a sluggish mood recently. due to fever probably. but who am i to complained. everyone's getting the privilege of falling sick. some are worse than just fever. at this particular time, everyone just wish that somebody would be concern with things happening. somebody 'special'. hahaha... no need the braces, everyone who read this surely know what it mean. so, these few days, i'm in an himono-otoko mode. there is a term used for japanese to address particular person who laze around in house, wearing jerseys or lazy clothes, looking pretty worse than friends usually sees ~ like the look of somebody who just woke up. some more, lying around doing nothing, talking to themselves or to cat. how to differentiate from other normal people, is that, himono prefer staying home than going out socializing. i learned it from j-drama by the way.

i went to friend's house yesterday celebrating chinese new year. he is half indian, half chinese. he hang-out with us as long as i know him. so he's just like another malay to me. then, what is he? he's my friend la... hahaha.. that's best befriend him. every holiday he celebrate... CNY, Raya, Diwali, christmas.. talking about open house and free food. hahahaha... he and his mom made nasi ayam with different styles of chicken.. got black-pepper one, grilled one.. also got mutton. sluurrppp... unfortunately, i wasn't in mood of being glutton as feverish mood strikes. anyway, thanks Choops. hontou ni saigou da yo!

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