Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chapter 167 - Nearly Becoming One

the only problem when u are unemployed and live with your parent is that, the errands and chores are somehow multiplying. lucky for me, currently i'm living in a small-sized family which consists of my parent and my brother, and in a small house. Xde amah or bibik to do the daunting tasks ~ laundry, gardening, cleaning and cleaning somemore. not enough with the household chores, i need to drive my mom here and there. Going to rumah makcik around the taman to collect duit kutu, going to post office to pay the bills, going to bank to withdraw/deposit money... aiyooo... my mom is a well-planned lady. every time i accompanied her out, i somehow knew that it'll cost me 2-3 hours of my youth. hahaha.. youth sangat la aku ni... as soon as i start the car's engine, she'll read me the 'to do' list. "1st we're going to the post office... follow the kampung road, then we're going to the bank, then we'll go to Giant to buy groceries, afterwards we're going to pak ngah's hse, bla...bla...bla...". and by the time i got home, i finished downloading 2 episodes of j-drama (yea..i leave the laptop on all the time). there you go...

one time, i went to pak ngah's shop in sentul with my mom. he's operating his own business of kad kawin, printing, topup and also a Zhulian dealer. so, i was sitting in front of the shop lot when a mother and her 6 years old daughter entered the shop. before, i was inside, but since i had fever and felt uncomfortable inside, i went outside. then this daughter went outside to play with a cat since her mom busied looking at the katalog barang kemas. this pregnant cat, white/black in color which slendered around me earlier. i overheard my mom's conversation inside the shop.

"suka dia dengan kucing... setengah budak2 takut dgn kucing" - mom

"aah.. kami pon baru hilang kucing, tu yang dia dok cari kucing baru" - no named makcik

so, i asked the kid,

"kucing adik kaler apa?" - aku

"kaler putih" - 6 y.o kid

"ooo..ntah2 kucing yang kat sana kot" - aku trying being friendly... and actually true. mmg ada kucing bawah kereta few meters from where the conversation took place.

"mana?" - 6 y.o kid getting curious

"meh.. kat sini..." - i halfway led the kid to the cat, then suddenly stop because i realized.... I'M BECOMING LELAKI KUCING or MIGHT ACCUSED OF BEING LELAKI KUCING. mampus aku kalau makcik tu tiba-tiba jerit "Tolong... lelaki kucing nk culik anak aku!!!". before anything happen, i called off my intention, step back and pretend nothing happen.



Anonymous said...

abang kucing ke lelaki kucing?? kueng kueng kueng.. pls dont be one hehe

rozhan said...

ko a lelaki kucing yang sebenarnya..
tuduh aku plak..

lelaki beruang said...

apai, pulangkanlah adik nurin..

aPai said...

kejadah....beruang. berapa bulan ko hibernasi ni sampai outdated trus? adik nurin dah arwah daa.. adik sharlinie ygg masih hilang.

abang beruang said...

dah lama sangat berhibernasi ni..
malam dengan siang pun tatau nak bezakan..

Anonymous said...


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