Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chapter 117 - Fears

Helo.... it's been quite a while huh?! Mesti korang dah rindu kat aku. Tetiap hari anticipate blog post dari aku. Hahahaha... jangan risau, I'm back. To tell you the truth, I'm not that busy. Just lazy and sometimes I'm strucked with no-mood thing. Reasonable enough? Yeah, thought so. Ok... finally I met with my supervisor. I can say that the meeting was bit "late" (<-- Hell yeah, It's late!!!). With 1 month or so to complete the project, at least I can be less worry bout my project since I met my supervisor. I admit that I'm having hard time to sleep before. Yeah, with thought of my supervisor being harshed to me, but turned out that she's very very cool. It's aspiring to meet her. Well..... enough of that, I have to concentrate on my project. Pray me well.

I got home last Friday, just to found nobody's home. I know that...my parent went to Johor. But what I didn't know is, how long the stupid blender been on. Yep, as I neared my kitchen's door, I heard this noisy thing. I thought the neighbour is using some lousy vacuum, turned out that the blender was turned on. I don't know how much the electric bill gonna be for this month. The culprit will probably..... my CAT. Yeah, my mom won't leave house with the blender running. Anybody would notice the sound, right? So, since the blender was at the shelves where my cat love to hang out, I believe she's the culprit. The punishment, I'm not letting the cat in until now. Carik makan sendiri. hahahahaha.. (<-- bad cat owner). So, the weekend filled with nothingness. I just stayed home, mengadap komputer and TV. Today's Tuesday, I'm still at home. It's hard to live alone actually.... the first few days is great, with lot of freedom, but after that is pure loneliness.

Message to all.... think about it!

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