Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chapter 119 - Feeling Void

Helo. I dont feel well. It's like something missing in me. My life is not in the middle yet to experience mid-life crisis, so it must be something else, I guess. But I'm the type of guy that slides things off. So, let it flow and buat bodo saje. I'm not a philosophical type of guy, I don't have one. Most people live with philosophy, but I'm not. Therefore, it's hard to cope when something happens as I dont have any still standpoint. Earl believes that "do good, and good things will come; it's karma". Oh, Earl is a character in tv series 'My Name is Earl'. The show is so-so. For me the funniest is Family Guy. OMG, they totally kicks my laughing buds. It's a type of show that I can watched over and over, and to my surprise, the voice-over for the characters are about 3 to 4 fellas. I think I'm interested in doing voice-over, and I can do voice for a character of old Venezualean farmer. Yeah... the telenovela. It's funny though, to think about things happened to M'sian viewers these past few years. We used to hit-strucked by japanese dramas (Beautiful Life), then comes the telenovelas (Yo Soy Betty la Fea, El Amor no es Como lo Pintan, Mistres Hermanas), then comes the korean dramas (Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart), after that Indonesian dramas (Bawang Besar Bawang Kecil, Ratapan Anak Angkat).... so, when will M'sian acknowledging their own dramas? It's not their fault afterall, our dramas kind of sucks. Hahahahaha..... But there are signs of changes in M'sian movies, although kinda late. We produced some good movies. I haven't watch yet the 'Chermin', 'Mukhsin' and few other new movies. But I heard that they're great. I do fantasize on making my own movie. Well, me and my friend, Ammar actually. We're going for a horror movie or ghost movie. But, he's too influenced by movies such as 'The Saw', 'The Saw 2' and 'the Saw 3'. He's a freak! I mean, nobody watch that kind of movies with happy face, but he does. Oh... don't get me wrong, making movies is not my dream.... My biggest dream of all is, jeng jeng jeng.... to play with Manchester United Football Club. It's my dream to play alongside Rooney, Ronaldo, Scholes and other football superstars in Theatre of Dreams. I just wish that it'll come true. Oh, maybe I can e-mail Alex Ferguson and ask him if he needs a winger. A chubby one. Hahahaahah. Back to reality ~ I'm currently waiting for the debut of Ahmad Hafiz Ilmudding's blog. I can't anticipate what's he's going to write, but if it's not funny, we'll make it! We means me and my buddies.

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