Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chapter 116 - I Love My Chicks

Alo.... apparently every semester, I'll get some new gadget to satisfy my lust over technology and for my self-esteem. So, last week I bought this ~
Sony network walkman. This thing not only can serve you as a MP3 player, but also as a pendrive. It has it's own built-in battery that can last for 28 hours. This device need to be charged at any USB slot. This is one of the cheapest MP3 player from Sony. I love the color and its appearance. For RM400, I'd say it's worth its price tag. I did considered buying the non-brand MP3 player, but Sony has its own song format (ATRAC) which can save a lot of space. Of course it need its own software called SonicStage. For me, music spice up my life.


Ammar said... dont u buy ipod.."~hav i told u lately to buy ipod" kaki sony nieh..xleh kata apa ar..

bojan said...

uh,padanlah..selama ni aku tgk muka ko dgn muka org dlam iklan sony tuh sama aa..perangai pun lebih kurang..ko main basketball tuh pun macam orang dalam iklan tuh..awak ni fanilah..that's my boy!! huhu

aPai said...

Hahahaha.... tu bukan kat amar ke?
that's [xxxx] boy!!!

bojan said...

suka apai..ekeke

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