Friday, August 19, 2005

Chapter 44 - Which cut is the deepest?

So damn tired. I hate this week. I hate it so much that make me wanna sucker punch somebody, than puke on him/her. I might enlist this week on "my list of shittiest week ever". Tight deadline, 2 assignments, 1 report, no time for playing games, no LCD screen yet (anybody can topped that? Hell no!); these had succesfully contribute to my hatred toward this week. Enough with the hate and frustation. At least I manage to get through this hell-hole, but no thanksgiving yet, coz here come new assignment. Dateline: Monday, 10.30 am. What the heck!!! Tomorrow is the interFac Sport Fest, which I doubtly involved in. I dunno whose the idiot running the faculty's BBall team. No training, no damn meeting and not organize at all. Surely these guys think they're the 'over-rated' Kobe Bryant. HUH! gonna see bout that tomorrow. Bet I'm the first to laugh at them when they're losing. Hahahaha (laugh in advance).

Beside my friendster's mail account being trashed by losers (remember the "forward-me-if-you-dont-want-your-account-deleted" bullshit), I'm having quite same problem with my main e-mail account. Somehow, there's a lot of notification bout "I've-just-updated-my-blog" thingy, which is also annoying to me. Thankfully, yahoo provide 2GB of storage, check button and delete button. What I did was, checked those email and press the delete button. Well, I can't say that 'I can't complaint bout it", because I just did. But that came with friends that's in my friends list which they happened to have their own blog. What happened? Why all of the sudden people start blogging, I mean in mass amount? Oh, forgot; If you ever to read this UstatDin, you're officially off my link list. Because I hate to click on your link with hope that you've update your blog, but the truth is you didn't. Thank you.

Oh, my streamyx finally installed (after countless harrasses to the TMnet customer service). I'm officially blogging from my bed, which also happened to be my red kashmirian carpet. Bet you thinking that I'm on porn 24/7. No no no no...don't phunk with my heart. I'm not gonna bringing 'bala' into my room. That's why I'm accessing it from my fren's room. HAHAHAHAHA. Interesting, my amateurish housemate caught red-handed surfing porn. I soon realized it as I saw an annoying wallpaper mentioning that his PC infected with spyware and non-stop pop-up of Norton antivirus msg. After being asked to clean up the mess, I found that it's quite a hussle to disinfect that pc. I soon come to conclusion; FORMAT THE PC. So, the morale of the story, don't surf porn guys. Save the sperm for now.

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