Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chapter 41 - Injury List

Once again, I'm in my own injury list. Twisted my ankle yesterday due to my excessive movement in playing basketball. All thanks to my skills and not to mention, this particular junior at my college(who is "pembunuh pemain handalan" in the making) for making my days miserable. Just when my faculty's sport fest is around the corner......

Last week, my fren was approach by this chinese on his way to buy pepsi. This happened at a grocery in sect. 7. Well, it's like this:

Ah Boon(not his real name) : Hello adik. Bole tanya ka?
Cengkoi : Tanya apa?
Ah Boon : Apa itu pantun melayu yang ada ikan siakap, lama2 jadi pencuri?
Cengkoi : Oooo...itu ka. Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, cakap bohong lama2 jadi pencuri.
Ah Boon : Oooo..
Cengkoi : Kenapa tanya?
Ah Boon : Saya mau cakap ini pantun dekat sidang dewan sama itu Rafidah A. Tapi saya tuka siket ini pantun. Ini macam, 'siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, cakap bohong lama2 jadi menteri'. Hahahaha...
Cengkoi : HihihihHuhuhuhHehehehKehkehkeh(this ridiculous laugh never happened, I just add it).

*For those who still wonder what in the hell that conversation was about; which might due to:
> you're a newspaper hater. I ruled out the HARAKAH readers (although they hate and might not read national newspaper), but I'm damn sure they kicking this issue hard in their grong-gry newspaper (don't bother to look for this word's definition coz they aren't, I just made that up).
>you only read fashion segment
>you only read sport segment
>you only want to know what's you're horoscope reading
>you've got more interest in foreign conflicts than domestic's
No kidding here, I've got housemate that tought Rafidah A is an 'Ayah Pin' follower. He catched a glimpse of Rafidah and AP on news headline and conclude that sorry assumption.
**For those who still don't catch what my housemate was thinking, Ayah Pin abbreviation is AP too. Duh....

Funny but not entirely fair. For her, I think she's deserve it and gonna be doomed for it; but it's not fair for other ministers. At least wait till they messed up(harharhar). Hey c'mon, some of them really did their job and for that they don't deserve it.



Anonymous said...

SMS that my mom fwd to me:

"Perhatian kepada semua pengguna mesin ATM di seluruh Malaysia. Sbrg pengeluaran wang telah dibekukan, berikutan kehilangan bapak kepada segala nombor pin, iaitu AYAH PIN yg telah melarikan diri dan masih gagal dikesan sehingga kini.."

thoyol said...

Apai, aku dah usya JFK nyer blog.
Dia main utk KJ Klowns arr. Agaknya bebudak Kelana Jaya kot.
Hancur lagi harapan kita. Huhu..

Anonymous said...


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