Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chapter 42 - 7~9~5

It's not an anniversary date or what-so-ever. Please don't speculate anything folks. It is a cursed number. 795 is the Ringgit M'sia I'd spent servicing my kancil. What the hell!! Why it is so xpensive. Student's privileges are getting fewer and fewer nowadays. As a student, I'm able to bowl cheap and 30% off for books which I never bowl and never read; and servicing my car is not one of it. U Student used to get free meal during the 60's. *sigh*...Don't expect me to use my PTPTN money for that coz I got LONG wish-list waiting to be realized (including new graphic card, new sport rim, new speaker and so on...). The figure really shocked me. Luckily i've got my mom and lucky for her to got my dad's credit card. Hehehehe....

Oh yeah. KL is now like some foggy ruin in FFX except there's no fog but haze. It's so hazy that 1 pm looked pretty much like 7 pm. It's feel like this going to be happen anually. They've got summer and summer holiday, so do us. I'm in 3 days school off but no yappediyeeha yet, coz I have to turn in proposal this friday and report on monday. I'm so pissed at my frens rite now for dropping Java which turn out that they seduced me into taking it. So, rite now I'm hooked with this anonymous cute lady (cute ke??) to pull this project together. Hmmmm.....


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