Saturday, August 13, 2005

Chapter 43 - New Breeze

What excite me more than season of EPL? NOTHING, I guess. Just can't wait to see my red devil kick ass. For now, let us join our prayer so that MU going for quadrable this season. For those who happened to be a fan to other club than "the great MU", please don't be offended by what I'm gonna say. U guys SUCKS...BIG TIME!!! Hahahahaha..... Once again, forgive me for my rudeness, but I can't hide the truth.....

Some might wonder, why recently my posts were written in english...Well my dear fren, It just happen that I'm in a mood to write in english, plus I would really like to accustomed myself to write in english so I won't write rubbish in my english paper this semester. I believe Mrs Anne Tan (my english lecturer) would agree more with this unnatural act of mine. Beside my sarcastism, my english is getting better rite? Hahahaa....I'm thinking of using graphic aid next time I'm blogging. Picture do worth a thousand words rite? But wait, what about moving picture..I mean mpeg, movie clip, etc... How much do that worth? Million?..Wait, Trillion words I think...Coz mpeg contain thousands of frames of static picture..which is one picture equivalent that's mean...bla....bla...bla...Ahhh, chow.

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