Friday, May 06, 2005

Chapter 29 - Freaky Friday

Whazzup... thinking that my blog need new makeover. Been with this template since the beginning. Even thoyol got his blog with this template. Bah! better change for he might accuse me copy-cat him. I saw some blogs that were well customize especially by those anime maniacs. Nicely done! I'd tried check on their html coding. Some were recognized but most of em using css and java script. Yeah, dun wanna mess up my head rite now.

Yesterday, my new landlord called me asking when we gonna pay the rent for May..... Geez, I thought the rent for 2 months were covered with the deposit we paid last month.'s kinda hard to put up that sum myself since I can't reach my housemates. Damn yall. Dok jauh2. Well, that's my problem....Makin kurus la piggy bank aku. huhuhuhu...


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