Thursday, December 09, 2004

Chapter 10 - The White Flamingo

Waa.... penat betul la 2-3 hari ni. Buat urusan itu dan ini. Dari pendaftaran kursus (yang x setel2 lagi) sampai ke PTPTN (pon x setel2 lagi). Just now aku baru balik dari PJ. Jumpa my auntie utk mintak contoh kertaskerja yang aku kena buat. Well, I thought by escaping Kesatria and joining other Co-Cu activity would at least cut me off some slack. But things turn REALLY differently. I'm stuck with this project involving MBSA and I really want to do it right. So firstly, I need to prepare a proper worksheet for this upcoming event. That's why I went to meet my Aunt since her works involving a lots of proposals, worksheets and stuffs.
The picture above is our small fish pond in our front lawn. The picture looks nice rite? It looks like I put some touch on it or some picture effect on it but frankly speaking, I'm using some cheap digital camera my brother got for free somewhere I didn't remember and upload it on my PC. Huhuhu... never underestimate cheap stuffs.

By the way, I read this minutes ago from Yahoo;
" PARIS (Reuters) - France will start enrolling future Muslim prayer leaders into secular universities next autumn to teach them the law, civics and history they need to integrate, Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin said in an interview.

Paris will also offer continuing education to current imams, 75 percent of whom are not French citizens, he told the daily Le Parisien in the interview published on Tuesday. One-third of the 1,200 imams in France do not speak French, he said.

"This is not acceptable -- we should have French imams in France who speak French," he said.
Most of France's 5 million Muslims are of North African origin and many imams come directly from Arab countries to preach in France.

Promoting moderate Islam through education has emerged as a key issue in several European countries following the murder last month of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Moroccan-Dutch Muslim outraged by his frank criticism of Islam. "

Hmmm.... forget bout that filmmaker, the point is, European leaders start to recognize Islam in a good way I suppose and appreciate them. Though people might say that they MAYBE have other purposes by doing so, but it's a good turning point for Muslim people down there. Actually, there's muslims in M'sia yang takut bebenar dengan perkataan 'sekular' for the reason that I might found difficult to understand. They gradually divided knowlegde to 2 parts, religious knowledge such as fiqh, sunnah, aqidah etc... and secular knowledge. For me la kan... of course la kita kena dalami ilmu agama bcos that's something that we believe and hold; body and soul. But any other ilmu yang ada kat dunia ni pon datangnya dari Allah jugak. That's why kita kena belajar jugak ilmu2 yang lain. Tak gitu?
Bak kata, "belajar biar sampai ke negeri China', tapi aku sekadar sampai ke Shah Alam je, member aku yang lain2 lak ada sampai ke UK, US, Ukraine, Skudai, Ireland, Jepang, Korea, Australia, Cyberjaya... Ceh, saje je letak Skudai kat tgh2 list international. Hehehehe.... x kesah la....janji dapat ilmu kan.....

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