Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter 235 - Effort

My mom still haven't decide when to balik kampung.. the destination is set: Pulau Pinang. But, we're still back-and-forth with the date. Either 2nd Syawal or 29th Ramadhan. I would like for us to balik on 2nd Syawal. Reason: ease of traffic, and i can get to visit Nurul's house on 1st Syawal. Yeay! At first, i was told that i need to cut back my holiday as early as Thursday. Ada kerja di Putrajaya. I was neither happy nor sad. I was calculating with my short stint in Penang so that I can spend more time in KL. but today, penyampai mohor besar project manager menyampaikan khabar berita yang cuti seperti biasa. So, I can see myself in Penang as late as Friday or Saturday. Sigh~ but I'll utilize this rare opportunity to meet up with cousins and relatives.

I am fortunate to still have both mother and father for this Ramadhan and prays for us to be around until this Syawal and future Ramadhans and Syawals.. For those whom less fortunate, I can only spare Al-Fatihah to your lost one.

As soon as I posted the earlier post in regard of Fadilat ramadhan, I heard in Radio that it is wrong to believe such rewards for it is not 'sahih'. So, new advice to myself and others, beribadat untuk mendapatkan keredhaanNya kerana ganjaran mungkin datang dlm bentuk yang kita sangka ataupon tidak.. cepat ataupon lambat.. didunia ataupon diakhirat..

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