Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chapter 213 - Majestic

I'm not a theater lover, but i feel like i don't want to miss this one. Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical coming into season 3 this February. This would be Tiara last appearance as Gusti Putri Raden Adjeng Retno Dumilah. Hamik kau.. garu kepala pendaftar surat beranak nak tulis panjang2 ni. Actually, the thing that drove me to watch this play was my previous experience watching malay theater; which turned out to be awesome (P.Ramlee The Musical). so, friends and I are going to watch it today. Tickets are ranging from RM35 to RM353. Bayar lebih sikit boleh duduk atas pentas. hahaha.. don't bother trying your luck booking through the Internet (, they're already sold-out. but i bet the walk-in tickets are still available. better hurry, the tickets are selling fast. don't forget to bring along your student card (kalau masih belajar) to get your student rate; 30% off. Venue, Panggung Sari Istana Budaya.

Worth what I'm paying for. RM88; or to be exact the RM133 ticket (after student rate). but I would bitch a lot if I'm 10 cm shorter with the same ticket, because our seat were on the 2nd tier and we sat exactly in the front row. picture perfect? not exactly... the seat and the ledge height is not well-proportioned. so, those yang pendek2 mesti tak puas hati. nak kena bawak bantal alas punggung baru boleh layan teater dengan puas.

Well, it is truly unfair to compare PGL with P.Ramlee the Musical. different timeline meaning differences in backdrops, language and feels; and as for me, i'm more fond to the familiar backdrops. I really do think Tiara did a good job portraying her character, while Stephen Rahman is a good looking guy, i dont think he's suitable to be our legendary Hang Tuah. Yeah, he can sing (i mean it...), but he lacks the malay look, and the way he spurts his lines doesnt sound like Tuah I imagined. maybe i prefer the movie version of Tuah played by M Nasir or P Ramlee.
Stephen still reminds me of his character in Los dan Faun, hilarious. AC Mizal sounded like he got flu (or maybe he purposely did that) and Adlin was so natural playing his role as Sultan Mahmud. Hats off to the actors and actresess for the good job. there are few glitches but due to their professionalism, it was seamless.

PGL got moving sail, PRTM got moving train. both equally amazing. PRTM xde magic, PGL ada magic.. jeng jeng jeng... pegi tengok.

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