Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chapter 215 - G'day Mate

i was at the KLIA last friday to send-off my brother whom got a job in Sydney, Australia. he'll be there for 3-5 months. not a long stint, but after the sydney work, he'll be transported to another site. i heard UK. that is what u get when u work for an international company. they'll send you wherever the works at.. overseas. the money is good, plus u can broaden your horizon of perspectives. but of course you have to separate from your beloved family, unless you want to angkut the whole family together.. crazy. but separation will make us human stronger.

the funny thing was, the send-off is nothing less than menghantar rombongan pegi haji. it's normal for parent and siblings to be around. but when uncles, aunts, in-laws, cousins were there, it just dont feel quite right. of course i appreciate the gesture and effort of coming over and send-off my brother. nothing wrong there, but it humored me.

Last Saturday, i played a friendly match for Cocoro. my hunch told me that i was gonna play, so i brought my shoes along, for what i thought i'll be spectating the game. reason: tak pernah turun training for the past few months. and also i played only once 2 weeks ago. so, my match fitness is zero. hahaha. oh yeah, the most obvious reason because, i wasn't told about the match. nobody mentioned it to me. not until that morning, when my friend called. So.. we lost the match. but the margin is not that great, everyone's content. i did collect an offensive rebound amidst their tall defenders. cewah.

Umat Islam dilarang menyambut Valentine's Day. Dah kluar fatwa beberapa tahun yang lepas. what is so special about VD? apa hari2 lain xboleh berkasih-kasihan? hari2 lain xboleh buat anak? haih... VD is overrated. Saturday's night, my friends and I went over to a friend's place and played Wii. Cool (not loser!).

Honestly, Wii is a family game. It is best to play with your family or friends. i'm amaze with the playing modus. everything is done by the waive of the controller (great accelerometer). this is the only console yang boleh kurus kalau main lama2. i remember having a boxing match with my friend, and i sweat like a crazy. bayangkan kalau main 10 boxing matches. berapa kalori terbakar tu? anyway, i played Guitar Hero; and i kick-ass (easy mode only)! better to play with guitar than controller. ROCK ON!!

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