Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chapter 212 - Class of a Masters

i just installed Kaspersky anti-Virus last week. the version 7 might be outdated in term of its release, but it works to my expectation. the latest installment of kaspersky is version 9 FYI.. and also the one which came out before that, version 8. honestly, i haven't use any anti-virus for 3 years. it's like having intercourse without any contraception; dangerous but satisfying. i won't have to worry for lag when startup, no annoying warning sound... and also serves as a soft reminder to not surf porn sites; or at least teach me to surf porn safely. hahahaha.. so, any misfortunes with viruses, i have to get rid of it manually. on the bright side, i get to know a bit on how registry works and where virus usually resides.. see, not bad what....

I honestly admit that i dont know how to use facebook. so many invitations over things i cannot properly comprehend or use. call me old ~ i dont care. Generation Y can kiss my arse.

Glory2 MU

When i said i support Man Utd, people around (especially MU-haters) said that i choose MU because they're winning. It is not totally true. i'm rooting for MU ever since i knew football. that time around, players like scholesy, giggsy, becky (opps.. Beckham), butt, and neville brothers started to bloom. it's true they're winning; and that was part of my judgement. but throughout the years, they win some and lose some. team like Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal did win their shares of becoming league champion, european champion or domestic cup champion. but why i didn't choose them instead of the losing MU? the answer is straight and simple; unlike others, MU win it with class. through that, i pledge my loyalty to MU and support them through high and tides. that had become love. will i still root for MU when Fergie is no longer their manager? or when C.Ronaldo or Rooney left the club? or when MU sits on the bottom of the league? the answer is still YES. because how horrible their twist of fates are, i believe they will make a comeback, which is not a regular comeback, but a classy one.

Don't cry Federer, you're gonna get that 14th GS title..

The same goes with Tennis. I personally choose R.Federer as the best tennis player of all time; now and ever. He became king of Tennis for 4 years, until Nadal won the Wimbledon and took the #1 title from him. new names came up with remarkable talent such as Nadal, Djokovic, Tsonga, Verdasco, Murray... yet I choose and root for Federer; because he plays with class. yesterday, he lost the Australian Open final to #1 rank Nadal, which was painful for me to watch. but i believe he will overcome the slump in recent years and regain the #1 title.



chah said...

huhuh.. i heart roger federer tu.. feels like i want to cry together gether with him.. huhuh

sEr|OuSLy {aPai} said...

me too... me too..

thoyol said...

nadal play whole heartedly. Sampai tangan dia sendiri tak proportioned. Thats why I root for Nadal. He proved me that hardwork alone can beat all the talent and skills.

99% hardwork + 1 % talent..

Fcuk MU.. Hail Aston Villa. Haha..

sEr|OuSLy {aPai} said...

Nadal suka korek punggung. hahaha..

but compare to Djokovic, i like Nadal better.

chah said...

nadal suka tarik spender la ;p

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