Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chapter 214 - Ride

Behold. The kick ass ride of the year. Called Saganova by a friend, this fine mobile powered with 1.3 Campro IAFM engine, single ABS ready, 40 liter of fuel capacity, automatic transmission, 4 seaters, 6.5 liter for 100 km.. (inhale..).. will together embark a new journey with me.

i have my dream car (like everyone), but i care less about the carburetor, engine, injection, horsepower, sport rims, any other details.. bla bla bla. so, after careful consideration which mostly swayed by my budget constraint, i decided to buy this Saga. murah weh.. 40k. but hopefully, there are some good quality in this car. so far so good la. you know la, the expectation towards national car is not that great kan.... nonetheless, i'm crossing my finger, otherwise people from Proton gonna see my finger.

To be honest, i'm not that fond with cars.. generally. the fact that i'm a man and not dig into cars, doesnt make me a less of a man. even so, i still stand with my opinion which is; women aren't suppose to drive. like a laptop, some come with bluetooth, card reader, DVD-RW, etc... and some dont. in this case, women... they are not born with driving sense. Have you often drive and the car in front did something that annoys you, and when you overtake, you saw a woman driving the car, and you said, "Pompuan, patut la!" ? happened a lot, rite? See.. i cannot explain how God's works, but the truth is there. its harsh to say they shouldn't drive at all, because it will force the guys to drive them. so, we should have this little small exclusive lane just for the ladies. they all can cram in that single lane and become annoyance among themselves. men who drives like girl can cut their balls off.


.: RuFaI :. said...

sejak bile keta tu tukar plat no...mcm best je klu dpt plat no camtu...nak jgk...hehe...

wuuaaa awknye opinion: women aren't suppose to drive...mana aci...:X

so my driving dlm kategori mana?
dlm kategori yg kena duk exclusive lane tu jgk ke? huhu...

chah said...

ahahahha so funny!! eventho im WOMAN myself, mmg it so happened that drivers who annoyed me most are also WOMEN! hihi..

the idea of exclusive lane for woman is interesting.. hahhaha

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