Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Chapter 209 - Sux & FCUK

FCUK.. French Connection UK. but my mind loves to play word jumble. it Sux.

i watched IT Crowd and I love it! the humor just click with me. despite the title, it doesn't bother much on the IT technical crap. just some office affair that is so humorous. pity those who works in IT. what happened to the letter-pigeon era?? smoke signal everyone?? cmon, it's much more fun than typing an email.

also watched Detroit Metal City. it's an anime. but funny as hell; warning though, too much of explicit words and disturbing images, but porn-free. it's not like hentai or anything.. enjoyable.

my trip to white water rafting canceled. SUX big time. those nerds, or in this circumstances, my friends are whether busy getting pregnant, working, Disaster Recovery, or pleasuring themselves in front of the computer screen. few of us really wanna go, but not enough 'kaki'. nyesal x ikut trip kawan aku. ARGhhhHh!!

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