Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter 211 - Sigh..

APOLLO kedekut. whether i'm buying a fake Apollo or, Apollo is truly becoming stingy. last time i remembered buying an Apollo choco stick, they put 4 sticks in it. now, they put 3 sticks in the same old packaging.

Happy Chinese New Year. I'm wishing my chinese reader (if any) a prosperous year ahead. like you're not prosper enough.. but still, what you wish for others might come to you rite.. anyway, during the CNY holiday, i went back to Penang with my family. it's been ages since we all went for holiday together; and i've been looking forward to it since we first planned it. oh by the way, don't get confused with the date.. same ol' delayed telecast. one of the purpose we all went back to kampung is to attend my cousin's engagement ceremony. he's 2 years younger than me but settling in already. i'm a late bloomer weh... hahaha..

A: I'm so tired, i can't think straight..
B: So, you're thinking gay?

gay joke is a popular joke among certain guys. because there is nothing more taboo than being gay, and it is most fun to make joke of your friend as if they're gay. i don't have gay friend as far as i know, nor being one. i feel like i need to clarify that. hahaha..

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