Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chapter 161 - A Letter to Starry Night

oh starry night
i saw a star so bright
and another one that shines
made me wish
to touch
to hold
and to fly

oh starry night
my extended arm wouldn't reach
no matter how tall i stand
the stars can never be in my grasp

oh starry night
in pitch black
i shut my eyes
standing still while dreaming
the wishes that will not come true
i shut my eyes
hoping to hear the stars calling my name
but the silent grew

oh starry night
tell the stars
how i wish i'm blind
so i will not see their radiance
that made me hopeful
it hurts
knowing the impossible

oh starry night
i'm tired
i'll be going now
hurt yet i'm smiling
to the starry night

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