Friday, January 11, 2008

Chapter 162 - Lemme Think

the program draws its end. seems like the holiday is nearly end. just another week to go. the trainers going back to KL. if God-will, i'll be working for them again. that's if they offer me a good contract. increase in pay and also start working as soon as possible. i don't want to be idle for long. 25th is the last day and also pay-day. after that, my schedule involves going to class on every weekend. still i'm looking for job to fill the remaining days. i know it's tiring. i must be stupid to do both. but, that is something i'll looking forward to experience. i also have friends in class who are doing both, yet they still can score. I mean really-really score. we're talking about 4 flat here. trying to achieve something like that la.. above all, i need to be smart in jugling both works and study at the same time. try dulu la... who knows... this might be my calling. cewah. actually, i had doubt whether i'm going to continue working for this project in future or not. but since i spent time here, with the trainers and students, i realized that, this job is soo much fun. maybe its because the project is here in sabak bernam. as i mentioned, this is more like a holiday than working. i maybe wavered by that. the expectation of having this kind of environment on every project site. takut kalau2 ada next project kena duduk bawah jambatan, mau menangis aku. just let me wait-and-see la..

not this recent, but sometimes i do think. something religiously. i dunno if the word 'religiously' exist. hahaha... nothing much to share. even if i share, it will confuse me more. i just go with my logic. as long as i have my faith.

the smartest human only uses his 10% of his brain. even if human can use his brain 100%, he is still human... not a God.

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