Saturday, December 31, 2005

Chapter 55 - Crap Dealer

I've to deal with lots of crap. I hate crap. Dealing with it makes me feel like crap. But Im doing fine. I've learned thing or two. Doing my own laundry, hate it though. But as long it help me build some muscle, then it's ok. I think Im not strong. I need more muscles. I can't throw a 3-point ball without throwing my whole body. I need to jog more. My stamina sucks! With the upcoming bball tournament, I dont want to be sidelined because of my stamina. Ordinary people are advised to jog/exercise 20 minutes a day, and 3 times a week. That makes 60 minutes of exercise. I played bball for 1 hour 1/2 each time. Say that I played 4 times a week, so that makes 6 hours. So Im doing 600% more than I should. But that wont be count as Im not constantly running for that 6 hours. VBJDKSHhfaoi;gfsdfhsd;afi;us........... Blur.............. Sleepy....... Mengarut.......... Talking shit..............

Anyhoo..... I've got a housemate that crazy-love to spoil things by telling the outcome of animes or movies that Im watching..... I admit that I hate spoilers. Why he has to ruined everything by telling me things that I saved for last, which is the thrills and the unexpected ending. Yea....he is one of the crap Im dealing with.

Last month, I'd finished watching House season 1 and suddenly I want to be a doctor. Last week, I watched The Intepreter and suddenly I want to be UN Intepreter. Last friday, I watched Baik Punya Cilok and suddenly I want to go pancing ikan. I never doubt that television got power. Power to change, power to encouraged, power to touched, and whatever power i dont want to waste my time typing on it.

Oh... Crap is contagious. Fact of life...


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