Saturday, December 24, 2005

Chapter 53 - My Result Sucks!!!

Just found out my xm result yesterday. Kinda bad. Actually worse. I'm having this feeling of 'Jasin reLive' back. Well, I can say that the result came at really bad time as I'm going to ask my dad for sponsorship for my basketball team. Kept telling myself that things going out as planned, but who knows?? Well, as usual... I'm fully motivated to study as new semester creeping in closer. But 'as usual', It'll lost it in the middle of semester. Look what happened last semester. Talking bout having trouble waking up in the morning. But I'm really optimistic for this new semester. That is what I have put in mind. Telling my mom about the result IS bad, wait until I tell my dad; it worst! It's time to turn the tide! Chewah.....

My landlord already called me yesterday, asking bout december's rent. Gotta lie a bit. Mana nak cekau duit masa cuti2 ni? That's why aku mintak sblm cuti, tapi 2 orang je yg bayar. Hampas! PTPTN aku dah kering, ASB aku pon dah cecah tahap bahaya. Luckily, dah ada housemate yg offer diri nak bayar esok. Nampaknya cita2 utk beli graphic card baru bukanlah sekadar angan kosong....hahahaha

Baik Punya Cilok best! Jangan x tengok. Lawak yg fresh dan trademark dari Afdlin. Unlike Apek Senario nyer lawak yang gitu-gitu ntah hape-hape.... All the casts are tremendous and brilliant. Nice story line. Kira baik punya cilok la....

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