Monday, December 26, 2011

Chapter 271 - Peace Ya'll

Selesai la sudah demam Maharaja Lawak Mega (MLM). Selepas edisi Maharaja Lawak yg berjaya menarik peminat seantero Malaysia awal 2011 lepas, giliran MLM pulak yg menggegar Astro Warna setiap Jumaat 10 malam. Ramai yg dah tahu, pemenang MLM adalah Osbon. Just like I expected, Boboi (consists of Afdlin & Harun Salim Bachik) will turn out to be like Jozan. Appealing and charming, yet lost at the final. Anyway, Osbon deserves to win. Their comedy varies for young to old demographic viewers. Abon really brought the best for his team.

Bak kata pepatah, rumah siap pahat berbunyi. Begitulah yg ingin diperkatakan disini. Beberapa pelawak yg kurang lawak dan tersingkir agak kritikal kepada salah seorang juri tetap. The man is one and only, Chef Wan. Orang kata mulutnya begitu puaka bila memberi komen dan waktu bukan dia memberi komen, dia turut sama enterframe bagi komen. Perang FB antaranya dan beberapa pelawak mewarnai sekejap industri seni.

Well, to be frankly honest, I do understand what both ends' feel. Let me underline it for easy reading:

1- Ego; They are already a well-known comedians. For someone who is not a comedian (a chef) to tell them that they are not funny and at time sucks is just an ego-reaping.
On behalf of the jury: What chef said were exactly what most of us had in mind. If I say it is not funny, then it is not funny. If I say it is pathetic, then it is pathetic indeed. I yelled that in fromt of the TV. No need to sugarcoat.

2- Shame; same with my point the above. They are expecting the jury to be more lenient and friendly, and save their face in front of the national 'paid' TV.
On behalf of the jury: This is a competition. Winner is taking RM350k back home. Runner up netting RM250k and 3rd place getting RM150k. This is a competition! The jury are suppose to treat them as a contestant. This is not a charity event. I can expect leniency from the jury if that is the case.

Glad that all over and as I heard, Chef Wan already closed his FB fanpage due to massive abuse from the comedians. He stated his opinion. He's already achieved something which is none of Malaysian achieved. And he got my vote over this.

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