Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chapter 268 - EOY

Welcome December. So many wonderful experience from 2011, now we are to bid farewell. I can very much feel 2012 is not going to be good to me. Made new friends over new work place, and lost old friends from former work place. Haha. It is hard to play catch-up with myself, what's more with people around me. I stopped balling quite some time now. Hardly get myself on futsal pitch. I missed those days, easily had time to spend with friends, colleagues or peers. Friends follow me on twitter, then unfollow. Befriend via FB, then unfriend. That's is normal. Quote Chef Wan, "Ada I kesah?".

I was in blues for few weeks. It was weeks ago. That was when Man Utd lost to Man City by 6 goals. Horrendous! Next couple of games were not convincing as well. Won by small margin, failed to qualify for the best 16 in Europe and mounting injury crisis. But now, seems like are over the hill. Won by 4 goals over Wolves and 5 over Fulham; I am very optimist on United's hosting Wigan tomorrow. Winning on 26th and 31st will bring United back on top at the beginning of 2012. At least for few hours.

As I heard, FIFA is going to suspend FA Switzerland for reason they failed to take action on Sion. Sion fielded 5 ineligible players on their win against Celtic in Europa League; Causing Sion losing their place in Europe League despite winning the grouping stage. What will this means? If FA Swiss suspended, FC Basel will be expelled from Champions League, hence Man Utd as 3rd position in the grouping stage will overtake FC Basel 2nd place, hence will be on their way to the knock-out stage. Sorry Man City, it is only you relegated. Sorry SAF, you'll not going to get the only medal you don't have.

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