Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chapter 270 - Tweet Her

See the newly added button to your right. That's right, I got my own twitter account. I already past 1000th tweets recently, and honestly, I'm quite surprise with the milestone. Rambling mostly on football, I sometimes talked about politics and stuff I'm at. I tweet more than FB. So, please excuse my inadequate status update and response at FB. Follow at your will.

Ada apa dengan Times New Roman? Just changed the layout and font. TNR is lame. I fancy font named 'Ubuntu', but does not listed in blogspot. Anyway, enjoy the multiple posts. Semangat layout baru*

What else?

Thundercats 1985

Yes, after Avatar (cartoon, not the movie), I'm looking for decent cartoon to enjoy. Tried Transformers Animated, but just not working for me. I then found the remake of classic Thundercats. One of my favorites when I was little; Along with Voltron, Captain Tsubasa, Kesatria Baja hitam and Gaban. Thundercats was created on 1985 and on mid-2011, they re-make it. Storyline focused on the origin of the Thundercats which means the prequel to the 1985's Thundercats. I've learnt on how the members of the awesome Thundercats were assembled. Lionel Ritchie Lion-O is not that hairy yet in this series, Panthro looked more kick-ass, Cheetara looked less hag, Snarf as usual, WilyKats are the same cheekiness and Tygra looked less gay.

Thundercats 2011

I just hope below's version doesn't make it to the screen. They all looked wrong in all sort of aspects; Dimension, originality, purpose of living and sexual orientation. Just who the F the dude in white beard supposed to be?

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