Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Chapter 264 - Fly to Seoul Part VI

Last Day

It's our last day in Seoul. Sad, but we bit miss our home. We head to Myeongdong for a stroll as we're looking for infant's clothes. walking around at the underground bazaar, we ended up at Namdaemun. The other side of Namdaemun, the side whereas tourists have less urge to shop, as the place is more like Petaling Street. Short word, thugs. We however stumbled upon a small mall selling only children's clothing. Lucky us. We felt like buying everything, but we're not millionaire. We bought necessarily and head away to Myeongdong again. Since we didn't get to climb Seoul Tower, which was a bummer! I took a picture of it only.

Since I arranged a late checkout, we just spent our time mostly in Myeongdong. Back to the hotel, we packed and I arranged for the 1st class trip back to KL. It was on promotion by the way. Adding only 200 each, i think that was a good bargain.

Arriving at the Airport, we vouch back the balance in our T-card, a quick tour of the airport, checking in and restless wait for the flight. The 1st class arrangement was a bit delayed due to the system, but we managed to see it through. It was worth the wait and pay. Though we slept over the journey, that was the indication of how comfy the seats are.

Saying goodbye to the great city is hard. I really enjoyed our time there even though my wife was having hard time coping with the weather and the geography. Saying that though, we still looking for our future chances to visit the beautiful city.


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