Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapter 247 - Red and Large

Yeah.. My shift covered from either Wednesday or Thursday until Saturday. SATURDAY??!! but hey, isn't that my most favorite day? Damn right it is!! That's why I am so demoralized when learnt about my shift change. It has been 2 months now, and I am still adapting. Even when you guys said that I have the Sundays, but it is not the same. Especially when I have a "commitment". Hehe.. Pendek cerita dah ada bini, well soon-to-be-bini.. She's working on normal government business hours. 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. She hates going out on Sunday because it'll wear her down to work on Monday. And I hate to make her going to work tired, but we do need our time together. So, there'll be a time for compromise and tolerate. Sometimes, we'll just cut down our date till noon, some will be spent at home with either her or my family, and some just lazing around at home on our own accord.

Compromise and tolerate. To be in a relationship, these two are important. Nobody is perfect and each person has a different side of their story. As being observed, it is easier to accept others imperfection than to accept yours. Knowing that, it is harder for wanting to perfect yourself than to perfect your partner. It is a recipe for disaster. Ego is a damn huge wall to overcome. It is rather typical as we had slowly build it up from our early age. It lies back to the root of 'not wanting to look bad and wrong'. When the wall is to high, you are unable to look at these 2 dudes; compromise and tolerate on the other side of the wall. Then you'll be left as just a good-looking guy, IF you are good looking.. No more charm and gentleman. That is the most reason of fall-out.

I'm not saying that I am that guy. Well, maybe a little bit of it. Actually, we all are. But to have that realization, I am fortunate. I'm not perfect either, but I'll try to achieve near-perfect. "I just want her to be happy" is not a cliche. It is a real thing. "I scratch your back, and you'll scratch mine" or "What I give, I get back" should come naturally and not forcefully or planned. Stop focusing on what we should get by giving, instead just sincerely give. Expectation leads to either doom or more expectations. Love yourself and you shall be loved.

Not bad for my first love advice, but where's the red and large font story?

Later. Haha..

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