Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chapter 246 - Night and Kday

How about a story of RED and large font?

Working in a shift doesn't sucks much. 3 days of cuti in a week.. sometimes 4.. no take home task or homework.. free food on night shift.. free selected beverages.. everything sounds like great, but down the road, there'll be time where i will feel like this job is killing me inside. I hate when my Saturdays are taken away from me. I am very much down-to-my core loves Saturday. This was driven by the fact that i was in a boarding school for 2 years in Melaka. Here's the story..

Once a month, dapat balik rumah; jumpa family and occasionally big dinner on saturday night. Splendid meal compared to the one served in our cafetaria. Sblm sembahyang jumaat, aku akan tumpang GG balik ke KL dengan kereta evo wannabe ayahnya along with tiket utk bermusafir. Elok je kami tiba depan flat sri langkawi, imam masjid jalan pahang pon bagi salam.. every single time.. that showed how consistent dan lajunya bapak GG bawak kereta tu. I could not be happy enough sbb jimat hari jumaat aku, padahal kawan asrama aku tengah terkial2 tahan teksi sapu depan skolah untuk ke pekan dan amik bas balik ke kampung.. Setengah hari utk wind-up and tell the tale of bad and good from school to mom Then there is Saturday. It is the best sensation knowing you have a day to yourself. Maybe it is similar to a day off from a long sentenced jail time. Exaggerate? Maybe. Hey.. Cartoons on Saturday morning are also the best. Beast War? Cmon, sape x teruja tngok binatang jadi transformer? Never missed the best and favorite dish cooked by the best cook in the world: emak. Lazing around the house and hanging out with kawan2 skolah lama.. Catching up and lots of laugh. Then come Sunday. The dreaded day.

Knowing that the next time I woke up in the morning, I'll be in my bunk and rustles of dorm -mates bersiap2 nk pegi surau utk subuh berjemaah filling my ears. But that not the worst. The worst would be 5 pm on that day, where I'll bid farewell to my family. The journey from KL to Melaka gave a terrible feeling compared to the one I took 2 days earlier, eventhough the view, landscape, trees and RnR are the same, it was wicked. And that's why I hate Sunday. When you hate a thing so much, u tend to emphasize things. Even a smallest thing. Like for example, how I noticed that Sunday morning lebih cepat terik dari hari2 lain, and so I came into conclusion that Sunday is a damn hot day. I still think that way till now. TAPI, bila sama terik pagi Sabtu, I'll see thing differently and relate it to something nice.. Gotta love em'. I'm a Saturday guy definitely.

Haih.. lamanya mukadimah.. aku sambung next post la. haha..

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