Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chapter 239 - 50,50


yeah.. still working at 'that' place.. Am waiting for interview calls.. Have been giving out resume to friends and HRs.. crossing my finger, a good offer to come.

anyway, i feel sucks. both in financial and love.. i'm not going to spill the details, but enough to tell that im feeling low. loooooow..

couple of kids passing by my house and i heard their short and brief conversation..

A: Weh, jom la wei kita pegi balik (i assumed A was asking B to accompany him to go back to the shop, as they were going to the opposite way)

B: Aku xde duit la.. (again, i assumed they were talking about buying some toys, like the egg machine that shit out toy in egg after u put coins in it)

A: Xpe, aku ada singgit (which is RM 1)

B: Ooo.. 5 posen, 5 posen (50 cent each.. good arithmetic)

A: X... kita share-share la singgit ni.. (wow)

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