Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chapter 237 - Transition I

Double entry? or maybe there'll be triple entry? Kes balas dendam xpost sebulan? entah la.. ikut mood.

I'm currently undergoing transition from using Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. Mozilla never let me down before. I've been using it for the past 5 years. the everlasting rival with Ammar's Opera. Firefox add-on feature is so cool. I can have varies of helpful components such as youtube downloader, audio stream grabber and so much more. plus it's more light than IE. but guess what is more light than both of them? Damn right, it's this gojes Chrome la.. Although xde add-on feature, this browser offers me much more. Key reasons: Security and freshness.. i like the look and feel. I can customized the theme. each tab is treated differently, meaning that kalau satu page hang, page2 lain xeffect. Pop up notification so that xde la pop up yg terselit worm bukak dengan sewenang2nya yang menyemakkan hidup anda dengan malware yang menjahanamkan. Did I mentioned the look and feel? hahaha.. of course this new browser still glitched a bit (in term of webpage layout adaptation), even so, there are rooms for improvement.

gila gojez

Setelah jadi salesman Firefox selama 5 tahun, kini aku dilantik secara syok sendiri utk menjadi duta Google Chrome. Click here for GChrome.

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