Monday, June 01, 2009

Chapter 224 - Wonder Why?

At this precise moment, i am sad. Man U lost the final and thus having a worst birthday present ever. Chelsea claimed the FA Cup, despite the fastest goal by ex-United, Saha. Damn it! I can foresee how this new year gonna shape up for me. A lot of transfer rumors for United. Some are welcomed, some are not. Ronaldo? I dont mind him going. when your heart not there, then you can never give your best. but the fact Real is going nowhere also bothers him. but who cares.. join the losers. Teves? i'll be damned if he's going. with high work rate and wolverine-look-a-like sure to give you the assurance of taming the defense. Berbatov is a flop. I was hoping not, but seems like it. just like Veron. Sell him! Ribery is the man we should pursuit. but it is daunting to know the price tag put on by Bayern. Valencia also a good prospect. great footwork and more humble than the portugeses (Nani & Ron). hope with years of experience, the Gaffer knows to make the right decision!


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