Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chapter 223 - Astro

I moved into a new apartment last week. still in PD area, to be specific at Teluk Kemang. New place is bigger, cleaner, tidier (not for long) and awesomer (more awesome). i didnt have much things to move since my stay in previous place is just like check-in-check-out style. just couple of clothes and no furniture or appliances. so moving is easier for me. although it is 5 minutes away from my work place, i don't have complaints. new astro came in last friday, so i'm happy that i can watch Champions League Final this thursday morning. it will be a bummer if i couldn't watch it. last year i watched with my 2 officemates. one of them "borrowed" a projector from the company and we watched it in his place, in midst of his housemates whom hates Man United. it was a sweet sensation to celebrate among the United-haters. hahaha.. you guys are loser!

this year though, i'll be by myself. sedey2. meh la kawan2 datang PD tgk bola ngan aku... datang jangan tangan kosong... bawak la jajan skali.

in rome we'll win

Aku kini dalam misi mencari LCD TV utk memuaskan nafsu PS3 aku. Semalam pegi Alamanda, singgah sat kat SengHeng nk survey tgk. mmg ikut hati nk je rompak bawak balik TV display 52 inci tu sbb dlm poket mahupon bank aku tak ada RM5000. well, since i'm talking about LCD TV, let me share some findings and things you should know when buying one.
  • usually, when browsing around electrical stores or electronic department in malls, you'll see the smallest size available for LCD TV is 32 inch. mmg standard untuk apa jenis brand pon, akan jumpa 32 inci paling kecil. dan saiz ini adalah ukuran pepenjuru skrin LCD tu. exception for Sony where they offered 21 inch LCD, which i dont think will sell well. anyway, the size varies from 32 to 37 to 42 and the biggest ever made is by Panasonic which is at 150 inch.
  • After settled for the size, you need to check on the HD status, whether it is HD Ready or Full HD. most 32 comes in HD Ready, while it is easier to find Full HD on screen bigger than 32 or 37. the difference is Full HD is able to display HD signals over the full resolution of 1920x1080; while HD Ready can only display at full resolution of 1280x720. even said so, HD Ready can also receive the 1920x1080 signals but the TV will automatically scale down the signals and you'll get what they call as 'resolution loss'. BUT, these differences can only be noticable on LCD TV over 42 inch. in other word, if you intend to buy smaller size (less than 42 inch) then it's OK to get HD Ready one..
  • Then you need to know the differences between "p" and "i". you'll notice on most flyers where they put on 720p or 720i or 1080p and 1080i. "i" stands for interlaced. it is the same format with our CRT or flat screen TV. it involves the projection to be displayed over odd lines and even lines. so TV yang anda tgk tu sebenarnya merangkumi beberapa garis halus2 yang bersilih-ganti mengikut frame per second. you wont notice it (unless you have an eagle eye), but as your screen size getting bigger, you'll be annoyed with flicker. it happens with interlaced (unless you are using LCD TV with good interlaced system). i wont go into details. it bores. "p" stands for progressive scan. intead of dividing into lines, "p" projects the whole picture. "p" is much more smoother but it requires more bandwidth than "i". if you ask me, i'm the "p" type of guy.
  • HDMI port is a port which to replace the RGB port (red, yellow and white). latest gadget like BluRay Player, HD signal terminal (Astro-like) or PS3 equipped with HDMI cable and port. of course HDMI better than RGB; 8 audio channels (enough for 7.1 surround sound), larger bandwidth (5Gbps), 1080p compatible, and lot more. it's natural to have more than 1 HDMI port which to accomocate the numbers of gadgets i mentioned. tapi kalau dah dapat 1 je, kena rajin2 bangun pergi pasang dan cabut setiap kali nk tgk BluRay lepas main PS3.
  • Last but not least, you need to pay at the counter la.. kes macam aku ni, tak mampu nk beli seketul dgn cash, kena la cari alternative mcm installment payment. tak banyak electronic store yang offer installment. look-out for easy payment method macam AEON. tapi aku macam tak berkenan dgn AEON sbb kawan aku cakap orang2 AEON ni macam biadap. baru nk buat pinjaman dah ditanya, "ni bila nak bayar nih??". tak ke rasa menyirap je. so, papehal pon, that is my personal opinion. kalau korang sayang dan cinta AEON tu pegi je la. ayah tak larang.. just remember photocopy slip gaji.
hopefully the findings are helpful. if not, go help your self.



Ammar Abd Halim said...

asal PS3 siap bold..
haha..AEON mmg biadap..ko try call sorang lagi peminjam berhemah..sure dia boleh tolong..

thoyol said...

Aku rasa for the AEON, it is better if you sign up for the Autodebit option. They wont bother you at all.

Usually the loan collector will hassle you for payment but it only occur for those who mmg liat nak bayar..

sEr|OuSLy {aPai} said...

tq for the info.

mcm win2 situation je... aku ada combo pack LCD + PS3, korang datang men. agagaga. kena charge korang ni..

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