Monday, June 01, 2009

Chapter 225 - Broken

Kontinjen Sukan Remaja Asia di S'pore minggu depan diberi lonjakan yang hebat apabila diberi tajaan kasut POWER. Kalah la jawabnya...

Sungguh bosan Playoff Final NBA tahun ni bila pasukan yang anda minati tidak bermain. I remembered back in 2003, we played NBA Live at a friend's home, and they jeered my choice team, Boston Celtics due to the fact that Celtics was nothing back then. plus they got the Antoine Walker whom not just ugly at look, but also ugly at shooting. but in 2008, i had the last laugh. Celtics got Garnet, Allen and Pierce. Enough force to win the Playoff, and win they did. But this year, serious injury on Garnet, plus the inconsistent Allen threw them out in 2nd round of eastern conference. so, i moved to Cavaliers. reason? LBJ (LeBron James). that is enough reason to love Cavs. But Cavs also crashed out in the conference final to the Orlando Magic. I couldn't bring myself to love Magic or Lakers. So, I just don't care who win the final.... as long as it's not Lakers. HAHAHA..

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