Monday, May 18, 2009

Chapter 222 - Ichiban

Suddenly i'm craving for sushi. i was told that currently Saisaki is having a promotion. can't remember until when, surely won't last long. need to hurry! It offers Japan cuisine buffet at 50% off. i couldn't remember the price per pax, but in a sense, 50% off is A LOT! Thanks for the information Ammar. I wont call him genius for nothing.

Both of us are quite a regular at Nando's. Mostly at Pavillion. my next visit there, i'll make sure to ask one cute waitress named Yana for her phone number. Korang jangan potong line! If you guys insist nk awek nando's gak, go to Nando's Sunway Pyramid la.. sana ada byk waitress yg cun2, tapi berhalkum la..
Maybe peri-peri love will bloom~

WAIT! lupa nak kecoh... MANCHESTER UNITED successfully clinched their 18th premier league title!!! Giler la. for 3 years in a row derang pegang 'Champione' baton. Wenger (Arsenal) da pasrah, Guus (Chelsea) amik dasar tutup mulut and Benitez (Liverpool) became a sore loser. Just shut yer trap, Rafa!

They'll coming to M'sia as part of their Asian Tour. wonder if I should go??? Hmm... maybe not. Man U xyah datang pon takpe... pitch teruk, cuaca teruk, player m'sia teruk.... if the reason is marketing, then don't bother la. Most of us beli jersey kat sempadan Siam. hahahah... but don't worry, we still love Man U undividedly..
Glory2 Man United!!

What I wish for my birthday (Guys, mark this 28th in your calendar) maybe not Blackberry Storm or iPhone 3G... but you guys are welcomed to chipped in and actually buy me those.. it would be a wonderful birthday if Man United able to get their back-to-back Champions League title. I'll be bersengkang mata that morning watching the match. Maybe it is not realistic because i won't get a thing even if they win.. but as if i get anything for my birthday anyway... hahaha.. sob sob sob

It's going to be a busy June this year. Wedding invitations for every weekend, and on the last weekend of June, I'm going to Redang. Yay! A week later (early July), I'm going back to Redang. how is that possible?? 2 trips for 2 different groups la. honestly I wasn't bothered with it.. I don't care where as long as I can spend great time with friends.
currently i'm like Obama-ish... later in July, I'll be like Akon-ish.. tanned as hell.

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