Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chapter 221 - Increa'ble

wah, lama sungguh x update blog. sebokkah aku? lebih kurang la... lot of hiccups in work, but i'm doing my best seeing it through to its end. whose fault to begin with? when a Project Manager is sacked, then, there must be something wrong. Last word from the man, "Jaga leher sendiri". Definitely something wrong. No further comment here.

Malaysia has registered 2nd case of H1N1 Influenza. I believe that before, the commoners doesn't give a shit because we are unlikely to get it. while other countries are hit by death toll and suspected case, we managed to keep a clean sheet. maybe due to great prevention approach or it's just people around the globe feared to travel in midst of this global terror. in spite of that, this 1 student whom studied in US decided to come home and bring a souvenir along with him. Thanks. the worst part is, it starts off like any other flu and it get worse and worse. runny nose, fatigue, headache, body-ache, etc.. just when you thought that you are having regular flu, you might think, "I'll be fine in couple of days", then BAM! you're dead. Yeah, it's that serious.

Is it incurable? i don't think so. it going to be a matter of time until the socio-bio-whatever improves our immune system. it's true that bird flu or any other deadly flu are still around, but living in a society, the transcultural health helps each of the society member to improve their immunation system without realizing. sounds like BS, but i swear i heard it somewhere.

Bird and pig discussing on how to terrorize the world with each flu

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