Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chapter 220 - Bittersweet

Some trouble appeared in my work, so now I need to work hard to fix it, not to mention that i need to suck-up hard. what can i expect from a complicated, non-user-friendly system? the best part during this chaos is to read the bash mails from my bosses to our vendor (yea.. i've got a lot of boss). I like to quote, "if you need to fly someone in from India, make the arrangement now. The point is we do not want to know and do not care" and this one, "perhaps their team is not competent to handle such problem". wow.. cool stuff.

I really wanna get out from this stressful cycle. but the perks offered by my current company is next to the best. But, if there's no increment next year, then it's a goodbye. i hate that after i paid my car loan, house loan, study loan and mom's allowance, i only manage to buy a Mamee Party Pack for my breakfast, lunch and dinner... and that's for the whole month. Poor.

Just kidding, it's always a nando's every week. Hohoho.. but the point is, i don't have any left for my savings.

I just got back from white-water-rafting in Kuala Kubu Bharu. i hate to admit this, but in contrary with my friends, i thought that today's activity was less challenging. it's just OK. not that Woohooo OK.. it was less fortunate for us that the water level was a bit low today, so the current is not that ganas. there are also countable streams or channels or whatever they call it. there is also no unfortunate event happening in my boat. nobody flew out. nobody drown. it's like a regular joe and jane taking a walk in a bumpy-road garden. it's a great thing actually, but water-rafting is not something that i can fabricate. i can't go and tell my friends that someone in my boat flew out, hit her head on the rock, then her leg got stuck in between small yet steady rocks, but since the current is so violent, she dislocated her knee and when we took her out from the water, her leg just hanging like nobody's business.... yea, unless it really happened...

I'm not psycho, just tired. anyway, it was fun and i was happy to see my friends again. we're currently planning for our next getaway.

I don't know exactly how... but i did get well acquainted with facebook after ignoring all the non-sense invitations. Pillow fight, virtual gifts, adopt a pet, races, cults, virtual prostitutions.. and the list goes on and on.. but recently, somebody (i think it was the jews) created the whole quiz phenomenon. the worst part is that you can publish your quiz result and your friends will automatically see it. now lots of my friends are taking it and it's like a mushroom after the rain. not the happy mushroom as far as i concern. it fills up my home page, and for the overkill, we can create our own quiz and share it with our friends. and so, the cycle of eye-sore continues. thanks friends!

i won't lie, i did partake in some of the quizzes, but i can guarantee you that it is countable, and at least, i repeat, AT LEAST not at every 5 minutes. OH, P-L-Z PLEASE!!!

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