Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chapter 172 - To Blog or Not?

none can deny the power of blog. recent GE showed us how the distribution of information or gossips or trash talks through digital media is sooooo important. the opposition took the opportunity to use such means, and see what happened? research showed that people are more trusting when it comes to blog. one of the reason is because people want to believe what they want to believe. beautiful words are more tantalizing..and by the 'beautiful words', i mean cerita2 panas ala2 tabloid. speaking of tabloid, i recalled my boss comment over Sufiah's story in the BHarian. If u guys wondered who Sufiah is, she's the smart whore whom grabbing national attention at this time. continue... He said that Bharian has become some sort of a tabloid by putting such story in the front page. i said, "of course la... they just print out what people want to know. even i want to know what happened to her. what kind of stress that made her doing such thing? what happened after her divorce? these such questions are what people want to read or listen". anyway, misi menyelamatkan Sufiah sedang giat dijalankan oleh sesetengah orang yg mampu ke UK. Aku nk juga menyelamatkan dia, tapi x mampu nk beli tiket kapal terbang... takat nk hitch-hike kapal terbang atau kapal kargo, silap2 timbul pulak misi menyelamatkan aku. the question is, is she wanted to be rescued? dia macam enjoy je doing things she's currently doing. dunno la... but one thing for sure, definitely harga dia lagi 'up' lepas kecoh2 ni.... fuhhh..rosak..rosak....


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tak sempat aku order, dah mahal dah..
berita harian laa nie..

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