Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chapter 170 - Where To?

Soo bz these few weeks. I havent update anything post and pre General Election. Nothing much to say. Everyone has their own thoughts. So, anyway, i'll just scribble few things about the recent GE. It was my first time doing so, yet i questioned the transparency of the voting mechanism. but, i lacked the explanation from the organizing committee, as i only heard from the opposing parties. actually, it was bit quiet this time around as the BA shockingly won several states. i guess there's not much to complain (<-- psychologically won), compared to the previous GE. with the phantom voters and miscount issues. Hey, people has spoken. Democracy must be respected, yet the winner must be more merciful and the loser must be more humble. I heard unpleasant stories of hooliganism of the fanatic fans in the newly so-called 'captured' states. don't start a new legacy with a bad rep. u will never last if you do so. but that's not entirely the fault of the leaders, although they should expecting such matter earlier and take cautious measures to prevent it. people are by default stupid, regardless their race and color. as things around evolves, some people get smarter and mature, yet there are some who stays default. i am looking forward to the new cabinet; on how our PM will cater to the new expectations and environment. hoping the ministers to be more aware and concern with public demands and idea. without the constant stupid fights and berat sebelah in the parliament, together (BA & BN) paving our country into a better one. Free from rasuah and more citizen-friendly. insyaAllah.

at one point, i thought we (the government especially) didn't give enough attention to the environment. water and sky become polluted. Sg Klang and Sg Gombak had become teh-tarik-color since i remembered. the pembangunan is too damn fast. we're neglecting what's most important; the quality of living. It's about time we slow down and give our environment a chance to breath and helps in recovering what they lost. Japan and South Korea can be a good example. as what i saw and heard, even the river in the middle of their city is clear and clean. well, not that clean la... but at least better than a teh-tarik-color river. i know how it will effect the growth of our economy, but the appreciation to the nature is much bigger investment than the monetary revenues.

Oh yeah... i was assigned to supervise the KL site, but since my workmate had a bit problem stationed in PD (since she's a she, and also have ongoing commitment with her family), so i agreed to change place. I actually was looking forward to be stationed in PD. but thinking about my mom, how she'll be alone if i'm not around... it like some sort of heavy chain tying my heart and leg. but i guess i'm worrying too much. i still got my brother to look after my mom, but i dont think my brother is that reliable.. hahaha.. sorry bro.. anyway, i'll find ways to overcome such dilemma.



izahAhmad said...

ada staffnurse panggil aku YB dek kerana pilihanraya nih. sabo je la :P

Anonymous said...

See here or here

aPai said...

hahahaa...nama lain sket, tapi sama cun.

Anonymous said...

cun ke?
nak berkenalan bule..?

axis said...
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axis said...

assalamualaikum. pekabo? rajinne ko menulis. kalo rajin, lawat2 le 'rumah' aku.

Anonymous said...


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