Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chapter 171 - Short Relief

A moment to breath at last. not long though. I just recovered from a week long fever. I figured it started on Saturday as I played crappily in a futsal game with my classmates. I felt funny that day, and it peaked during my work-trip to Port Dickson. Damn. I remembered I slept on the table the whole Tuesday. The antibiotic and meds from the local clinic in PD didn't help much. I was worried that I'm infected with dengue. The last thing i would want is to be bed-rested while my work is piling up. So, this morning I went to the nearby clinic and had my blood taken for test. 6 pm, they called and told that I'm free from dengue, but instead have some infection from my tonsil bla..bla...bla.... they prescribed me with a new antibiotic. hope it works. Also, I felt relief as I was provided with completed Modelling assignment. thanks to Ammar. No need for me to do daunting programming shitssss. i'll just ask somebody from my group to do the report. A bit different from previous semester where I was more voluntarily in doing the team myself. this time around, i'm having trouble in juggling my work and studies. As i found work is fun (<-- fun ke?), i'm more focused in doing my work than studying. sometimes, I stayed back until 8 just to escape from the stupid traffic jam, by the time I got home, i'm too tired to study. I guess this coming week will give me space to study as i'll be around KL. hope la...unless i have a sudden crave of Winning 11 or Megami Tensei....

2nd semester is coming to its end. Crap! Macam x ready haprak lagi pon. Furthermore, courses sem ni banyak kira2. FYI, sepanjang kelas yg melibatkan pengiraan advance ni, aku hadiri tanpa sebiji kalkulator pon. even the time i took math test, i didn't bring any calculator. Funny heh. I barely pass that test. now, i found back my sister's calculator and somehow it ignites my desires to revise and re-do the test and quiz which i sucked. somemore there are 4 presentations need to be prepared. HUUUARRRGGGHHH!!! time is ticking away......

Last night, i accidentally strolled on the memory lane of professional wrestling. through youtube of course! one of the unforgettable character in my life is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's the best of all. u can throw names such as bret hart, hulk hogan, the rock, HHH, jimmy 'superfly' snuka, andre the giant or whoever. none can beat this ultimatum and pinnacle of world wrestling legend hall of famers. ntah apa aku sembur pon aku tatau. tapi bunyi sedap. SCSA years of reign was around 6 years. that's when his character is really2 super cool. afterwards, he was forced to become a crappy character, and soon after he felt that stone cold in not a 'Stone Cold' anymore, he left the federation. and that's when i stopped watching WWF (or WWE nowadays).
As i watched the clips, i'm still having a goosebumps. Wrestling Is Fake! i know that. heck, even the guys paying hundreds of dollars just to watch a fake wrestling pay-per-view knows that all are just an act, but the pain is real, and also the storyline is somehow captivating. the tagline 'don't try this at home' was obeyed, but we did try it at our hostel. hahaha. ingat lagi masa kat MRSM dulu.. siap katil patah, bengkok, herot-bengot dek angkara kami. waktu prep malam diluang bukan utk study, tapi utk bergusti. i remembered tricking my dorm-mate and giving him the 'stone cold stunner' and soon afterward he choked-slammed me. ouch. especially masa nk dekat2 SPM, boleh lagi fly ke gerai depan MRSM sebab nk tgk WWF RAWisWAR. hampir2 kantoi ngan pak guard lagi, nasib baik dia pon kaki wrestling, lagipon kami ni muka-muka penggusti. mana berani dia nk kacau. silap2 gerai tu jadi gelanggang wrestling. Hahahaha... those years la....

Gila ah.. macam poster sarkas pon ada.

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