Saturday, November 05, 2005

Chapter 50 - How is....

Gosh, finally it's my 50th post. I love my blog. It's my world. I'd try to be JERKier than before. That's my promise.

Another gosh, finally it's Syawal. 30 days of fasting is so damn quick nowadays. Rasa cam semalam je start pose. With blinks of eyes, poof.. it's over already. Regretably, my terawikh were constantly decreases over this few years. Wonder why? StarWorld ada cerita best2 ke pkl 8 mlm? Setahu aku, I spent almost 2/3 Ramadhan at Shah Alam, which NO tv apatah lagi Astro. Study?'s a rare sight to see me study. So, pe masalahnya? So I decide to leave it till next Ramadhan. Maybe I'll get my answer by then. Skarang Raya dulu...

Speaking of Raya, I'm positive as hell that I met less my relatives that last Syawal. After semayang Raya, I slept until 4 pm (I didn't sleep the night before. Damn Man U ~ kalah lagi!), then went to my mak long's house at Bangsar which I tried to avoid each year but never gonna happen. I like my mak long, but I hate my pak long. Snobbish rich guy. You guys probably curse me for hating my own uncle and that'll automatically curse most of my cousins (yeah, they hate him as well). The HELL I care! Meet him before you can criticize me. But dont get me wrong fellas, I hate him, but I dont wish him to be hit by lorry simen and die.... Just being hit by that lorry is enough already. Thankfully, the angpau was good. Then I went to my aunt's house in PJ until maghrib. Pastu balik umah tengok tv. That's what Raya is all about, TV!! thn ni ada 5 channel, next year who knows.. Lenguh mata nak tengok. But I didnt fall for that, instead I watched downloaded anime on my dad's PC. Straight for 4 days I didnt shut my dad's PC. Jangan meletup sudah... Ah, 3 am and Im at Shah Alam. Yeah, you read it right! Raya kedua and I already here in Shah Alam. But I have to head home tomorrow for big family dinner. Asal percuma, aku x kesah!! hahahaha....

Where's all the mercun's merchant? The santa claus of Syawal. Dulu senang je carik and as I recall, my favorite stall was at tepi kubur dalam Kampung Changkat. Though aku mercun'holic masa kecik2 dulu, xde la main sampai putus jari, tangan dan kepala. The worst pon aku hangus kulit tangan. Agaknya aku x cukup adventurous kot. Tapi tahniah la kepada kanak2 yang mengalami kecelakaan bermain mercun. At least they challenged themselves to up the standard of playing mercun or create new method of playing mercun.


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