Sunday, October 23, 2005

Chapter 49 - Another Disappointment

Sigh....Another disappointing weekend. Man U still unable to resolve their finishing problem. Star dah bersepah dalam team but still can't grab the 3 points away. Orang kutuk camne pon, Im still their die hard fan. Im start to doubt Fergie's credibility as the manager. But the blame shouldn't be put on his sole shoulder, as the players too should be more energetic and sharp. With Ronaldo's recent rape accusation, it surely gonna bring down it's rep. Why........ WHY.....?!!!!!

Che Guevara is a well known name especially for youngster that kept wearing T with it's face printed on it but yet can't explain to me, who the hell is Che Guevara. Probably a cheap RM15 T they bought at bundle shop and it's sickening me that these kids wore without knowing. I once asked one of my fren who wore Che's T, and he even can't tell me where Che from. It's not that Im against them wearing Che's T, but at least get to know the person whose face printed DAMN LARGE on it. Let me give some scoop on it. He was Fidel Castro right man back in Cuba when Fidel started the revolutionary movement during the 60's. He too, like Fidel, full of charisma and also petah berkata-kata. But it is impossible to have 2 captain in a boat. So he went to Bolivia in hope to foment the revolutionary movement there, but luck is out of his hand when Brehnez took over Soviet and demand Fidel to stop messing with other country's affair.
Basically, Fidel cut their communication as Che + 22 comrades was chased by CIA (nice going Fidel!). He was then captured by Bolivian Army and was killed the day after. Tough luck huh! He is considered as a hero of 3rd world socialist revolutionary movements. What a legacy for a dead person?!. So, at least you now know who the hell is he. Hmm... Im afraid the lack of curiosity in yougsters these day might lead to something worst. For example, they might wear T with Ariel Sharon face on with thought that it might look cool but not knowing that he is the most evil creature walking on this beautiful earth. Damn Kids....oh, not to forget, Damn you Ariel Sharon....


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