Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chapter 48 - The Longest 4 Hours

Hahaha....Surely Im not good at bragging. Few post before, I'd kick Ust. Din out of my link list for not updating his blog, but here im doing it. Hahahahah. Well, what can I say... blogging require mood. No mood, no ilham, if no ilham datang berduyun-duyun, then Im going to write something merapu which even I gonna kick myself up. So, ask I in a mood now. Nah.. Just doing what Im suppose to do, which is merapu. Hehehehe....

Ah,banyak plak nyamuk kat umah nih. How Im gonna type with both of my hand in action (a.k.a menepuk nyamuk). I should bought aerosol on my way home. To be exact, I used it all last week when cencorot(some kind of tikus) infiltrate my house. Damn! I hate rats, roaches, and all sort of insects. So, practically I depleted the whole can of aerosol just to spray at that stupid cencorot. Unfortunately, he's still alive. How possible is that. Super rat or what?!! I partly blamed the failure to exterminate that damn cencorot to Belang (my cat, don't ask!).

The morale of the story from paragraph above is to inform that Im home. Study leave + Raya holiday. This year is the first I spend most of Ramadhan away from home. Senang cerita kat Shah Alam la... Even I'm going back there the day after tomorrow coz ada online test. What a week! I missed my important presentation + late of report submission + lack of attendance. Camne lecturer aku nak tolong ni?! If I'm in his leather shoe, surely Im gonna fail that kind of student. Aku dah give up pon, but thinking of my innocent partner, I pushed myself to complete the report and submit 2 days after the deadline. Dengan wall-face nyer, me and my partner went to see him. From11 o'clock, until 2.15 pm we waited in front of his office, not to mention that I didnt sleep the night before, so Im pretty much mereng. After explained stuff, which I bet he didnt believe at all, we waited for another 45 minutes for other group's presentation. Thankfully, he did accept our report but still considering to give us second chance for our presentation. Lantak arr....

Im pretty messed up this semester. Lack of motivation. Orang kata sebab xde awek. Ye ke?? Ntah arr... My horoscope reading for this week said that Im gonna annoy my frens if Im not going to change my attitude. What can I say, I like to make frens as well as annoy them. Torture if possible. Also, during this Ramadhan, I'd developed this sleeping disorder, which make me more likely a bat than human. Sleep after Subuh and wake up around 2 - 3 pm. The bad thing is, I missed some of my morning as well as afternoon classes. But the good thing is, I feel hungry for 4 hours only. Hahahhaa..... Yesterday, I broke the current record of 3 p.m when I woke at 3.15 p.m. Im so proud of myself. But Im just a rookie compared to my other frens in seksyen 6. They can go all the way to late night. Binatang ke hape??

So, that's covered for 2-3 weeks rite? Puas hati aku dapat update. Hahahhhahaah

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