Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chapter 218 - Ziraffe

Lots of things need to be done before end of April. Both work and study. How irony, i hate both. i'm feeling like dropping out, but surely if my selected friends and family knew my intention, i'm dead. honestly, i felt cheated when i signed-up for my course. but i didn't bitch much.. not until now; the thesis semester.. extended some more (hahaha). I still remember it crystal clear the day my friend talked me into signing up, the brochure clearly stated, course completion by coursework or dissertation. and i signed-up for the coursework, not the dissertation! because everyone knows that thesis is a pain in the ass; and it rhymes with testis. guess what? we're forced to do both. i'm not sure whether the course committee is retarded or some sort of disabled in literature department, but sure as hell OR stands for option; and AND stands for a forceful conjunction which requires you to accomplish both. for example:

1) Do you want to kick the course committee in the nuts OR punch them in the nuts?

in this context, you must choose only one. Either kick in the nuts or bitch slap. Either one. cannot both.

2) Do you want to kick the course committee AND punch them in the nuts?
"Yes". -smiley face-
OK, this context simply asking whether you want to perform both actions given, and the only choice of answer will be only yes or no. you cannot choose one, or suddenly decide to be a bit nice and just do only one. you cannot be nice to them. i repeat, cannot.

They should go to the special Olympic. surely there is a special event for this kind of disability. i hope it's not a spelling bee contest.

How messed-up we're in? just to throw salt to our fatal wound, they expect our thesis to win Nobel. well, not to that extent, but you get the picture. also i heard that these guys are like a pack of wolves circling their hopeless prey during the thesis presentation. i bet they enjoy crushing and molesting our hope to graduate. sigh~ buckle up guys, we're going for a tough ride!

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