Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chapter 217 - Nickel

I'm feeling like doing nothing at all...

i hate streamyx, but i need it. Darn it! the word best-effort itself make me sick. I want a dedicated, no-throttling, high-speed broadband. My download speed has never been this suck. i guess there are a lot of users in my area, so the best-effort is not that best when i share it with those morons.

I heard TM will launch their home-2-Fiber Internet soon. 3rd quarter of this year maybe... Good news? i'm not sure. offering minimum bandwidth of 10Mbps is a lot for us, but in Korea it is like the speed for villagers. best effort? maybe.. and you can expect what to get with the best effort. some more, even if i get the 10Mbps, but at the same time they (TM) throttling our connection, then apa guna? my torrent still gonna be snail-ish. With our system allowing one friggin company monopolizing the Internet, there's no hope at all.

in 2012, every household need to buy an adapter in order to receive HD TV signal. yeah, we're going HD. I'm not sure if i get my facts right, but as what i briefly read from the newspaper, it sounds like it.

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