Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chapter 61 - Look, I've Found A Moron!

Yesterday, I was surfing the Internet. Looking for solution for my PC problem. Apparently, at every boot, my XP will display something about "Sembako-cgvjlni.exe missing". I immediately recognize that this is some kind of virus. So I went searching in Yahoo! and clicked on the most top link available. Guess what I found? A moron.

Spot anything moronic? You might not see it as the picture might be bit small. Let me enlarge it.

What's up with that, jackass? Unfortunately, this fellow is from M'sia an one of the thing that I pitied M'sia is for having this idiot running freely in this peace nation....

Anyway, what's that suppose to mean? Are all M'sian stupid like you? Don't get me wrong, I don't give a shit if you want to be an idiot, but don't drag others in your obsession of "look... i'm stupid" thingy. Anyway, wasnt "sorry for my broken english" is enough? Just for your info, not all geeks, computer nerds as well as tech support coming from the United State, your imaginary state of perfect english and bullshit; but most of them are from around the world... Brasil, Philiphine, France, Korea.. you name it. Try reading their articles and you understand how broken some of them can be.

I wish your PC infected by unremoval virus that make you PC unable to reboot; so you cannot log into Internet and write crap. Anyway, what's NHFTech? Some kind of homo code?


thoyol said...

kerana seekor orang bodoh, rosak nama satu Malaysia.
Kerana satu macha punya bodoh, rosak satu jambatan.
Kerana seorang lelaki bodoh, naik harga minyak Malaysia.
Mana yang ko suka?

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