Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chapter 57 - Laptop, BZ, Tired

I swear i've never been this bz. So tired. With non-stop assignments, projects, presentations and shits, I can't sleep peacefully at night. Before i can shut these sexy pair of eye, I'll always think bout stuffs, worrying sick if i can't finish it in time. DAMN!! Lately i cant get any decent sleep. With morning classes..... absolutely tiring....

I "borrowed" my dad's laptop and upgraded it.
256 MB DRAM -> 768 MB DRAM
20 GB HD -> 60 GB HD
DVD ROM -> DVD burner

Of course after these xpensive upgrade, I wont give back this laptop to my dad. I can, but I wont. Nasib la....

Amirul Fahrin is almost 2 months old. Aku suka kejut baby tido. Best. Ye la...sementara masih boleh kacau.....

How to apply math in life:
MRR2 retak lagi = jam la MRR2 = aku xleh balik ikut NKVE lagi sbb aku kena lalu situ nanti = Lebuh Mahameru brtambah bz = Samy Vellu sengal

MRR2 retak jika dan hanya jika Samy Vellu sengal

Ada Apa Ngan Valentine Day
xde pape. Valentine day is for suckers. Luckily Im single. If (one day) my gfren asked to celebrate, aku akan bawa dia ke lorong-lorong belakang yang gelap... then heheheeheh...... kutip botol2 terbuang utk di-recycle. What else?


aaajin said...

what a sore loser. not having a gf makes you feel sick of valentine's day? Saying that just makes you look....hmm...single? dude, dont get me wrong, I dont celebrate valentine's day, but I do have a gf...


PS: sori a mayat, kengkadang dlm life, kite kene eat comment org gak

apai said...

Damn...that hit right at the G-spot. Ahahahah.

Anonymous said...


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