Thursday, July 21, 2005

Chapter 39 - A Month Away

Wazzup folks. I thought I forgot something. Yeah, to UPDATE my blog. Not that I intend to do so, but my life is miserably busy. So, next time I'm blogging, hope I can blog from my rent home. New semester had started and I'm staying with my frens somewhere near my college. I planned to establish (can't find the right word) a home wireless network. Sound easy huh?! Think again....

Anyway, I'm furious with some people who kept trashing my friendster mailbox account with "Please-forward-this-mail-if-you-don't-want-your-account-to-be-delete"-mail, though some of them are my frens. Note this: Like I'm gonna believe that. Some Friendster's CEO mailing one person informing that friendster is shutting-down and plead that person to forward that mail so they wouldn't delete his account. LAME!!! Why (which if it's true) don't they just send each account that lame notice and stop wasting other people time reading, forwarding and deleting it?!

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