Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chapter 262 - Fly to Seoul Part IV

Day 6

Today I planned for a visit to a Bukchon Traditional Village, but due to logistic conflict, we went to the Hanok village instead. It is north to the InsaDong. This village offers something unique. An untouched traditional housing area in the middle of the skycrapers. U might want to look for 12 photoscenic locations spread throughout the place. Of course you need a map for it. Look for one at the nearest information booth there. Unfortunately, my wife complaint over the hill-like road we were strolling at. Being in 1st trimester not helping the sightseeing afterall. She started feeling pain in tummy and i started hailing cab to get us back to the hotel.

After resting a bit, we moved out for another run of sightseeing. We went to the nearest palace in Insadong. The palace was built for the Emperor's father. I think he just hate his parent hanging around the palace so he built one for them. Anyway, the place is pleasant. Serene and refreshing. I just wish I can be there again on a different season. Fall would be nice.

Afterwards, we decided to check out the COEX Aquarium. We've been to Aquria KLCC, and we enjoyed looking at the fishes. So, i guessed that this visit is a must. One foul this was 'the walk'. The moment we hop out from the subway at the COEX (which is located in Gangnam), we had to walk for about 30 minutes. The aquarium is located deep inside the mall. or maybe at the outer edge of the big-ass mall. I just prayed the aquarium is open, otherwise, my wife will turn the mall upside-down. As expected, the aquarium is worth visiting. Just the walk.. Juuuust the walk..

Getting back from COEX, we stopped by Myeongdong for the Seafood fried rice. Halal? We only confirmed the place does not serve pork or lard. The taste still lingered. We then head back for a good night sleep.

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