Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter 229 - Full-Blood Prince

Quite a hectic week i can say.. All involves driving back-to-back from PD to Cyber. Site visit for relocation project in Putrajaya, internal ministry audit in PD, meeting in Cyberjaya, Career day event at PWTC, resume work at PD. Sigh~ Knowing what is coming, i spent a night with friends watching Harry Potter (not Hairy Potter, OK..). the latest instalment of HP series really satisfying me. even after hearing complaint over lack of actions and fightings, i give a round of applause to the director for narrating 'Half blood prince' very well. Its hard to satisfy fans when the fans already read the book, and the fan expect much when the story adapted into silverscreen. but it turned out well. explains much on the you-know-who. kenapa brengset tu tak mati2 lagi... rupa-rupanya dia dah split jiwa dia berkeping-keping (buat2 tak tau..padahal dah baca). also the story explores the romance between dear ginny and HP, and Hermoine and Ron. personally, I think Luna Lovegood also looked weirdly lovely. Clap clap clap..

For tomorrow career event, i was nominated to be the MC. sigh.. i wonder if im gonna do well... nasib baik xde orang2 kenamaan yang datang. i quite hate protocol. bahasa semua nk kena jaga.

Oh.. I watched Man U vs Malaysia XI. at first i wasnt going, but on friday a friend texted me asked whether i'm interested on getting a ticket. i didnt have second thought. Yes. Oh Mak.. ramai sungguh la manusia yang datang tengok. aku pon terpaksa parking dekat taman perumahan depan Carrefour sbb terlalu sesak nk masuk ke perkarangan stadium. almost 100k manusia memenuhi stadium. rata-rata semua memakai baju MU, tetapi mereka tetap 1Malaysia. support both MU and Malaysia. although i hate big crowd, but i glad i went.

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